The Importance of School Photography

3rd August 2016 | Lewis Peters

School photographs will bring back memories for many people; it’s a fun morning out of the classroom and a proud moment for parents to admire. Whilst smartphones mean anyone can be an amateur photographer, there’s still something special about a professional school photograph.

School photographs are a wonderful way to capture a child’s development as they grow up. These pictures also make great presents for doting relatives and look fantastic wherever you put them in the house. We would always say a living room isn’t complete without beautiful school photos of your children!

The other aspect of school photographs is the fact they are a long standing tradition, especially if parents have attended the same school as their children. A school photograph is a milestone for each child at a significant part of their childhood and is a gift for children to reminisce on in the future.

Life moves so quickly these days, so it’s vital to record those important moments in your child’s life. A school photograph is the perfect way to capture your child’s smile and personality.

Why choose Amy Laughton school photography?

With many years of experience Amy Laughton school photography can make sure each child has a picture for their parents and relatives to cherish. Our easy to use online ordering system is perfect for busy parents to order their favourite pictures at great prices.

No matter the size of the school we can offer services to ensure every pupil has their place in the picture. We offer a wide range of affordable packages so there is something to suit your school photography budget.

Backed by a fantastic team you’ll have support whenever you need help with your school photographs.

If you want your children to take part in an important, long standing tradition please get in touch.

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