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7th July 2016 | Lewis Peters

event photography

If you’re hosting a special event you’ll want everyone to remember having a great time with quality event coverage. There’s no room for error when everyone is looking their best, so you need a top even photographer to capture those important moments.

School Events

Children get up to a lot during their schools years and professional photographs that are clear and well composed will help you to cherish those memories. We can cover these school events:

  • School plays – capture those special dramatic moments
  • Sports days – our team will focus on the action and those important wins
  • Musical performance – ideal if your child is in a band or performs in choirs
  • Festivals – make those moments at your local school festival stand out
  • Graduation – a proud moment for all parents and one that certainly requires stunning photography.

Personal events

Some events only come once in a lifetime and certainly warrant only the best in event photography. For weddings you’ll want every romantic moment captured, there’s no place for grainy smartphone pictures or badly composed group shots. We also make sure that those special birthdays and anniversaries will be photo album perfect for your friends and family to enjoy for many years to come.

Corporate events

Corporate events play a huge part in corporate brand image, so it’s vital that your photography service captures the best side of your employees and company. For press launches only the highest quality of photography will do. Our event photography services also covers any black tie events or Christmas parties whether at your office or your event venue.

Why choose us for event photography?

Amy Laughton is hugely experienced in event photography and can offer great value for any type of event. Whether you need an all-day event covered or just a few key photographs taken, our excellent support team will help you get the perfect photographs for your events. Our online system makes it easy to order and we can supply your photographs in a range of formats.

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