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5th June 2016 | Lewis Peters

staff photography

When presenting your corporate image it is important to have a sense of consistency. If your website requires images of your staff to be published you will need high quality images that look professional and uniform. Poorly taken photographs across a range of different backgrounds won’t offer a professional first impression to new visitors.

Professional staff photos have a huge range of uses and advantages, from staff ID cards to PR use. If your company is based in the professional services or public sector your staff will want to feel they have been well represented with professional photography.

If your staff manage social media accounts, staff photos can help maintain a smart corporate image across all customer facing communications. An improved sense of identity within your business can help with relations between departments, especially if your company has many different departments or sites.

Printed ID cards are a must for organisations like schools where staff need to be easily identifiable. A professional image can be both practical and flattering for each staff member whilst still serving a need for security onsite. A good staff photo ID will help save time on checking details, especially in busy environments where time is of the essence.

How can Amy Laughton photography help?

Amy Laughton staff photos can help you to capture the best side of your team. We understand that many people can be camera shy, so our touch up range can help staff to feel confident with their photo.

We can supply the images in the digital format required and in a range of formats such as small to large ID cards with varying finishes. Our service is a quick turnaround, ideal for businesses on tight deadlines. Our online ordering system is quick and easy to use.

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