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3rd June 2016 | Lewis Peters

nursery photography

Your little one’s moments during the nursery years seem to go so quickly, so why not have a beautiful professional photograph to cherish forever? Nursery photography is growing in popularity as it is a wonderful way for parents and caregivers to remember your child’s nursery years.

Photography is a wonderful way to get children involved in group activities and creates fun memories for a lifetime. Photographs also make wonderful presents for doting family members and caregivers. We can offer the photographs in different sizes such as wallet or keyring size for the perfect gift.

You can choose to have your child’s picture taken in several ways, from contemporary style or a more traditional style. Contemporary will be in a relaxed style and traditional will be in a more formal style against a neutral coloured background. You’ll find whatever, either style will capture your child’s natural smile and personality. Group nursery photographs offer the perfect addition to your photo album when your child wants to look back at their early years.

Why use Amy Laughton for your nursery photography?

Amy Laughton nursery photography is available to nurseries throughout the North West and we offer affordable packages in a range of contemporary or traditional styles. We can also do individual or group shots.

Our affordable packages offer parents the best value for money so they can take away the perfect memory of their child’s time at nursery. Our online ordering system is quick and easy to use and you’ll have your photographer booked in no time. If at any point you need help or have a query about the photography, our support team are on hand to help.

To book your nursery photography session with Amy Laughton click here send an enquiry or give us a call to further discuss your needs.

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